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Outback Bowl Gives Thanks for Local Charities

November 27, 2019

TheOutback Bowl is thankful for the positive impact local charities are havingacross the region and is grateful they are able to support the mission of somany incredible organizations.

TAMPA, Fla.(November 28, 2019) - Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on allthe good things in life. In Tampa Bay, the OutbackBowl is taking time to celebrate the hard-working, caring, inspiringcommunity members that give their time and treasure through the regions non-profitorganizations. In 2019 alone, the Outback Bowl had the privilege of giving $1million to charitable organizations that are helping to make Tampa Bay a betterplace for all.

The OutbackBowl began the Charitable Giving Initiative in 2016 to support localnon-profits. Since it's inception, the Charitable Giving Initiative hasprovided $1.5 million to morethan 100 organizations. And there are no signs of slowing down. The OutbackBowl has committed to giving at least $3 million more to non-profits by 2026.

"We arethankful to be surrounded by so many incredible organizations in Tampa Bay,"said Jim McVay, President & CEO of the Outback Bowl. "You don't have tolook far to see the impact they have on individuals, whether it's providingmeals, mentors or medical help to those who need it most."

McVay has beena member of the Tampa Bay community for more than 40 years. "Since I've livedin the Tampa Bay area, I find more and more to be thankful for each year,especially as our organization has gotten more involved with the non-profitorganizations that help to make our region special," McVay said.

The OutbackBowl is also thankful for the fans, teams and local hospitality providers thatmake the New Year's Day bowl a reality. Over the history of the bowl, fans andteams have generated over $1 billion in economic impact for the Tampa Bayregions and participating universities have to date received $149 milliondollars.

This positivefan support and the longestrunning Title Sponsor relationship in the history of any bowl game make theOutback Bowl's charitable giving a reality.

This year, andevery year, there's much to be thankful for at the Outback Bowl. To learn moreabout the charities that the Outback Bowl supports through the CharitableGiving Initiative, visit


The Outback Bowl attracts visitors from morethan 40 states each year to join local fans for the game and week of eventswhile generating tens-of-millions of dollars in exposure for the region. The Bowl boasts the longest title sponsor in bowl game history with OutbackSteakhouse celebrating its 25th year with the game. The Bowlhas contributed over $149 million to universities over its history and isestimated to have generated more than $1 billion in economic impact for theTampa Bay area over this time. It has also contributed more than $1.5 millionto area charities since 2016, and has committed to paying an additional $45million to universities and donating at least $3 million more to charitiesthrough the 2026 game.