MVP Jeremy Hill Post Game Quotes

January 1, 2014


Wednesday, January 1, 2014


On the importance of the running game in today's contest:

"We knew with the weather, similar to the Auburn game andthe Texas A&M game, that we would have to get the running game going. WithAnthony (Jennings) making his first start, we knew we would have to besuccessful running the football to win this football game. All of the backs dida great job tonight just taking what they could get, just getting those toughyards. We knew their defensive line was going to two-gap our offensive line andtry to make plays on us in the backfield, so we just took what we could get andnot try to do too much. When our offensive line did block them successfully wegashed them and I got some big plays."

On whether it crossed his mind to fall down and run the clock insteadof scoring late:

"Yeah, it actually did, but if you watch the play I lost theball. I didn't want to risk it fumbling. I just wanted to regain control of theball and then by the time that happened I was in the end zone. But thatdefinitely crossed my mind just to get down but the ball popped out so I had toscore."

On what the win means to the team:

"I think it's well received. Throughout this season we'vehad ups and downs. We didn't really reach our expectations but we still had alot to play for, especially our seniors and some of the guys that are eligibleto leave. We knew we had to go out with a bang and that's just the mentalitythat we took on back in Baton Rouge practicing and when we got here in Tampapracticing. We just had fun. We had fun all week in practice. We did what wewere supposed to do and it just really showed up in that first quarter, justthe emotions and the energy we played with. I think moving forward to nextseason, I think the guys coming back, we're going to be pretty tough to beat."

On the possibility of entering the NFL draft:

"I haven't thought about that at all. I'm still enjoyingthis win. I'm just anxious to get back with my guys and celebrate and have agood time with those boys. I really haven't put too much thought into it. OnceI get back home I'll talk to my family and coaches and things of that nature.But it hasn't crossed my mind yet. When that time comes you guys will be thefirst to know."

On his perseverance this season and winning the Outback Bowl MVP:

"Like Coach Miles said earlier, we talked as a team. A lotof guys stepped up, especially the leaders of the team. I got a chance to stepup and talk to the guys and just really thank them for everything, justsupporting me through everything that I've been through and just having my backthrough everything. I think that's just the bond of our football team, nomatter what we're going to stand up and support our guys."