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Michigan Player Post Game Quotes

January 1, 2013

Michigan OL Taylor Lewan

On blocking South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney:
Everyone told me that he was unblockable, one-on-one, and I tried to do my job, but at the same time that doesnt matter. We didnt win the game and we werent successful. I can be as happy as I want with the way that I played, but at the end of the day we didnt win the game.

On what worked for him in holding Clowney to just four tackles:
I played Michigan football. I came to Michigan to play the best. Ive played four (potential NFL) first round draft picks and one to be since Ive been here. Thats why I came to Michigan; to play the best. He had four tackles, one of them was on me and that happens but we didnt win. I can be as happy as I want about that, but at the end of the day we didnt win. Its about the team.

On whats next for him:
Thats a great question. I havent addressed the team yet. Ill address the team, and then well do whatever coach (Brady) Hoke wants to do and how he lets that out to the public. Its not fair to my team to tell you all and not tell them.

On what he said to Jadeveon Clowney following the game:
I think during the came he and I earned a respect for each other and after the game I went up to him and said that he was one of the best defensive ends I have ever played against and he looked right in my eyes and said that I was one of the best tackles hes ever played against. Its a great compliment to have, but none of this matters because we didnt win the damn game.

Michigan QB Denard Robinson

On if he has any regrets as he leaves Michigan:
Thats one thing about me, I have no regrets. Im going to go 100 percent and Im going to do whatever I have to do to do that. I have no regrets.

On the hit by Jadeveon Clowney:
Hes a great player and he makes plays. We kind of contained him for a while, but he got two good plays off, so hats off to him. Hes a great player and everybody knew that.

On whether South Carolina though they could produce a few more big plays:
There were a couple of times we slipped down, and a couple of times we dropped the ball. Thats football. There are going to be mistakes. You just have to go with it no regrets like I said before what happens in the past, happens in the past.

On how close the game was in the end:
We knew it was going to be a four quarter game and that it was going to be close. We just needed to continue to keep going hard and keep trying to fight. We went 100 percent every time we had a chance. It just came down to the end of the game and they got the win.

On looking back on his career:
I told somebody earlier, that I couldnt have imagined that I would have done some of the things that Ive done. I never imagined that I would be in the Big House with everyone wearing my jersey; I would have never imagined that. But Im happy. This is a dream come true for me

Michigan NT Quinton Washington

On Denard Robinson:
Hes a great person both on the field and off the field. I think that his character will be remembered the most. His play is amazing on the field but he is a better person off the field. On the blocked field goal I really have to give the ownership to "Big Will" (DT Will Campbell) because he told me to come to that side. I really just had a good push on the guy, and did what our leaders on the field told us to do. He (Campbell) to me to come with him so I went with him.

Michigan DT William Campbell

On finishing his career with a loss in the Outback Bowl:
You always want to leave Michigan as a winner. I dont look back on my senior season with regrets. I went out there, we all went out there and played our hearts out. It just didnt come out on our side.

On the difference between last year and this season:
I needed to be a better playmaker at certain times. I needed to do better things at practice to help myself and let the coaches know where I can be on the field and help out the team in times of need. I needed to be a better leader with the younger guys that were going to be on the field.

On Michigans defensive effort:
Of course it wasnt almost good enough to win because if they score we didnt do our job. They scored, what, 33 points today. I mean, we just needed to hone in, come in closer to get that quarterback and we didnt.

Michigan S Jordan Kovacs

On the defensive effort in the Outback Bowl:
It was just too many big plays and we knew coming in that if we kept the ball inside and in front as a defense we would be alright. We gave up too many big plays and that caught up with us at the end. It was just a lack of execution. At the end of the day, while we didnt win, Im proud of my players and team 133.

On his final season at Michigan:
You never know what youre going to get going into a season. You want to be a Big Ten champion as a Michigan football player. Its had its ups and downs, it really has. Obviously we didnt win the Big Ten Championship, but at the end of the day, as a captain, as a senior, as a leader on this team Im forever proud to say I was a member of team 133. Just the group of guys we have, and like I said, while we didnt achieve what we set out to achieve this season, and we didnt finish where we wanted to finish, I have no doubt that this season will help those guys. Hopefully they can learn from it and theyll have a heck of a year next and Ill be their biggest fan.