Michigan Coach and Player Quotes Dec. 28

December 28, 2012

Head Coach Brady Hoke Opening statement at the DeBartolo Team Luncheon:
"Weve had a great stay so far here in Clearwater and Tampa, just everyones gracious hospitality in hosting us. I know our players have enjoyed it. Were excited to be here. Weve got a great opportunity and a great challenge to play a tremendous football team in South Carolina. I can tell you we have to play our best come January 1. This is Tuesday for us when you look at a football week, so were in a work week obviously. Were excited and looking forward to playing this great game. Again, thanks to all the people involved, for everything that you do for college football, the community, and Go Blue."

Quarterback Denard Robinson On his feelings on his last game as a Wolverine:
"Now you know how the seniors felt last year. Now you know why they wanted to play so hard that last game. You can tell that love for Michigan, youve got it. Youve been here for four years and you have that love for the school."

On the health of his throwing arm:
"Its feeling better. I threw a couple more passes today, so it felt pretty good."

On South Carolinas defense:
"Their front seven is probably one of the best front seven weve faced. They are good at covering and good at holding their hand and not showing what theyre going to do."

On his legacy at Michigan:
"To be honest with you I really dont think about it. I havent thought about it yet. I feel like this is still a dream for me because I never really thought I would be here playing at Michigan making a lot of plays at Michigan. Ive got to soak it all in right after the bowl game and then get back to doing what I need to do."

Receiver Roy Roundtree On the January 1 contest versus South Carolina:
"This is going to be a very competitive game. The main thing is taking it to the fourth quarter because thats where the game is really won."

Offensive Lineman Taylor Lewan On whether Michigan has anything to prove against the SEC:
"Its not about proving anything. Were the winningest program in the nation. The University of Michigan is a great program; it always has been, it always will be. At the end of the day were playing a team from the SEC that makes no difference. Theyre a great team, they have great players."

On the Michigan offensive line:
"I think our offensive line has come together. Ricky Barnum has been my guard for the whole year and I love him to death. Hes done a great job, saved me a couple times when I was hurt a little bit here and there. Hes got my back, Ive got his back, and I know the whole offensive line has been meshing together and Im proud of what weve done."

Safety Jordan Kovacs On the South Carolina receivers:
"They arent very big, but theyre solid ballplayers. Theyve got a lot of speed on that side of the ball particularly at the wide receiver position. I think it starts with Sanders and Ellington, I think theyve both got good hands and run good routes. I think theyre most dangerous in space after the catch. Our motto all year is dont give up the big play. If theyre going to score, make them drive down the field, bend but dont break. Its much easier said than done, but theyve got their talent on that side of the ball."

On the bowl experience:
"This is our third bowl game in the last three years, and I always enjoy the bowl trip. Its fun. Youve always got different events. Tonight were going bowling and were going to Busch Gardens tomorrow. We really look forward to it. The most difficult thing with bowl games is there so many distractions. Youve got so much time on your hands or outside of practice youve got so many different things you want to do. But at the end of the day you want to leave here with a win."

Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison On what he enjoys about the bowl experience:
"Really I guess the biggest thing for me is I get to spend a little longer to prepare, so youre not hurrying all the time. That is enjoyment for me."