Michigan State Player Quotes from DeBartolo Team Luncheon

December 29, 2012

Quarterback Kirk Cousins

On playing their 14th game of the season:
"Well be alright. Weve had a lot of rest since December 3. Fortunately our offensive line has done a great job protecting me. I havent taken many hits. Im feeling great, our team is feeling great. Were going to be well-rested for this one."

On the Georgia Bulldogs:
"Theres a lot of teams in the Big Ten with quarterbacks that do a lot of scrambling. Georgia has a quarterback who is more of a pro style type player which is a little bit different for our defense, but something theyre used to seeing in practice with the offense that we run. They have a tremendous defense. I would say their defense is as good if not better than any defense well play in the Big Ten. I think it shows with the amount of yards theyve been able to sustain in terms of being the third best defense in the country with regards to yards allowed. Theyre a very, very talented defense and will be a great challenge for us."

On the SEC speed versus Big Ten power:
"I think its too simplistic but I think both conferences are very good when you look at it. Its not just speed or power, its just overall strength in the ability to play the game of football. The SEC is loaded with not just speed, but theyre loaded with size and strength. I think the Big Ten is not just loaded with power; its loaded with fast players. I think there are teams all over the conference to show that."

On the similarities of both teams:
"Well be ready. Were hungry for an opportunity to make amends for what happened on December 3. Especially as a senior class and speaking from my perspective as a senior, I want to finish the right way with a win. Its hard for me to imagine leaving as a senior with my last game after a loss. Were going to do all we can. Were facing as good an opponent as weve faced all year and its going to be very, very challenging. Our preparation this week has been what it needs to be and well continue to work as hard as we can to be ready."

Receiver B.J. Cunningham

On whether he thinks about his last game as a Spartan:
"I dont really try to or try not to. Ive got a couple more practices left, one more game, Ill hang out with my teammates and just soak it all in."

On the seniors finishing with a win in the Outback Bowl:
"Thats it, to complete the season, complete our legacy here and leave a mark here. Thats what we want to do, win out, win this bowl game and keep it moving."

On not being able to participate in Michigan States last two bowl games:
"It was frustrating, just coming in and knowing I couldnt play or practice. Im in the film room watching the other team knowing I could do something to help the team. Everything happens for a reason. The last bowl game I played was against Georgia in 2008. This is kind of fitting. Its going to be fun. It was fun when we played them then and it will be fun this time around."

Tight End Brian Linthicum

On missing a chance to play in the Rose Bowl:
"Ive let that go. Of course every once in a while someone will say we could be at the Rose Bowl right now, we could be doing this and that. It is what it is is how I feel about it. Sure we could be there and play for a Rose Bowl. Instead were here and the opportunity that we have is to make a statement to the nation that we can not only play with teams in the SEC, but we can beat them."

On whether he has thought about his last game at Michigan State:
"To be honest, not really. Ive kind of lived that way this entire season, especially with our last game at Spartan Stadium and senior day. I kind of dont think about the emotional side of it. Im not a guy that shows a lot of emotions in that kind of sense. Probably after its all said and done Ill think about it more and it will dawn on me. Weve been so focused on preparation that my thoughts havent been on this being the last time Im going to play with these guys. Ill think about that after a game and hopefully well win and it will be an exciting feeling."

Free Safety Trenton Robinson

On the team Georgia is most comparable to in the Big Ten:
"If there was one it would almost be Wisconsin, almost. But they dont do as much as Wisconsin. They are kind of a simple offense, they dont do a whole lot. Theyve got big linemen too, so this will be fun. It will be a nice challenge."

On Georgia tight end Orson Charles:
"Hes good and hes their leading receiver. Were going to have to key in on him because they like to get the ball to him."

Strong Safety Isaiah Lewis

On the keys to winning against Georgia:
"Were just looking to dominate this team. Theyve got a good passing game, good receivers, good running backs, and a good quarterback. Weve just got to hold them down, do our job, and let the offense go out there and score some points."

On returning to the field after the Big Ten Championship:
"Im trying to go out and have the best game of my season. Coming off of something like that people are looking at me wondering how Im going to respond. Im looking to respond in a positive way. Im trying to show people that a thing like that, its not going to hold me down at all. Im going to keep on playing my game and Im going to keep succeeding like I have the whole season."