Georgia Player Quotes from DeBartolo Team Luncheon

December 29, 2012

Quarterback Aaron Murray

On the Outback Bowl experience:
"I love Tampa. I grew up going to Raymond James Stadium all the time watching the Bucs play, so its going to be awesome to be able to play in that stadium. The Outback Bowl did a great job of organizing some awesome events. Going to Busch Gardens was a great time, going to the beach and Splitsville bowling, they did a really good job of keeping us entertained. I know the guys are loving it."

On the Michigan State defense:
"They like to impose their will when it comes to knocking guys around and bullying guys. They also have some very talented defensive backs. They trust a lot in man coverage, they allow them to man up, press them, get in their face and try to disrupt them. Our offensive line is going to be ready for battle. Our receivers are going to have their A game and get off the press and create separation."

On preparing for Michigan State:
"They bring a lot of pressure, especially on third down; they bring different packages here and there. But thats whats good about a bowl game, you have three or four weeks to prepare and watch more film, to practice their blitzes. I think we have a very mature team with guys that are able to adjust and bring it."

On the similarities of both teams:
"Its an unbelievable matchup. We were in our championship game, they were in the championship game. They were pretty much one play away from being in the Rose Bowl. Theyre a very talented team. Its going to be a lot of fun. I know Im excited for the game, I know theyre excited. It should be a good one."

Tight End Orson Charles

On the Michigan State defense:
"Theyre definitely great, they definitely fly to the ball. They look impressive. Just watching them walk in they look very impressive, they look like an NFL team. Statistically their defense is just very good. Im excited to play the game and just cant wait to get out there."

On whether there is one person to pinpoint on the defense:
"I feel like you cant really pinpoint one person, you have to keep your eye on the whole defense because theyre going to come at you from different angles. They lost their last game to send them to the Rose Bowl, so Im pretty sure well get their best punch at this game."

On finishing the season with a win in the Outback Bowl:
"Nobody wants to end their season losing a game. We want to send our seniors off on a good note, possibly get 11 wins. Well be the eighth team to get 11 wins in a season and I think this is our first time getting 10 straight wins. Were definitely excited about this game."

On playing in his hometown in the Outback Bowl at Raymond James Stadium:
"God has a plan for everything and I feel like God set this all up. Playing with my high school quarterback and playing at Raymond James, where were from, Im looking forward to seeing everyone in the stands, everyone from Plant (High School), a lot of people from my church, Im just excited."

Center Ben Jones

On his Outback Bowl experience:
"Ive loved it. Tampa is a great place. I love the weather and the atmosphere down here. Being down here, 75 and 80 degrees, its really brought a lot of life to our players and team. Were just coming out every day and working hard and having a great time. Its been a great experience. Through my four years this has been by far my favorite bowl and Im glad were here this year."

On the Michigan State defense:
"I think theyre a very sound team, they dont make a lot of mistakes. Thats the key for defense, when teams make mistakes, thats when you have big plays. Their front four is really good. They have guys that can cause havoc for the quarterback back there."

On finishing his career in the Outback Bowl:
"Im a senior and I definitely want to go out as a winner. There have only been eight 11-win teams and I definitely want to be in the record book and be a part of one of those teams. Thats our goal right now, go out and get this next win."

On quarterback Aaron Murray:
"Murrays a great leader, a great player, but hes by far one of the hardest workers on the team. I think thats why hes so successful. Hes in there before practice, we sit there watching film just me and him. After practice when everybody else is going to eat well watch film and go eat supper together. I think thats why hes been so successful, because of the time he puts in in the film room."

Cornerback Brandon Boykin

On the Michigan State offense:
"Its a high-powered offense with an experienced quarterback and great receivers across the board. They also have great a great running back. Theyve got weapons all over the field. Its going to be a challenge for us to stop them and completely take them out of the game. I think were capable of doing it. Weve got a great defense and guys that can make plays."

On finishing his career in the Outback Bowl:
"Im having mixed emotions about it. It really hasnt hit me yet that this is my last game as a Georgia Bulldog. I think once I get on that field and get going Ill play my heart out to make sure this last memory is a good one. Im definitely excited about it and want to come out of it with a victory."

On preparing for a bowl game versus a regular season game:
"Its a longer process so youve got to make sure you keep your focus throughout the whole week as opposed to three days of practice then youre going to a secluded place. Weve got a little bit more freedom during the bowl, so its important that we monitor each other, especially the captains and the seniors, to make sure the young guys are staying focused."